Little Dragons

Ages: 6-10           Mon – Wed: 6:15-7:00p


At this age level proper social behavior and martial art conduct is instilled as a foundation for becoming a model student. Exercises at this level are taught and performed to enhance agility, balance, flexibility, speed and strength. To strengthen concentration, Kenpo Karate Katas are taught. As a method of building a strong physical foundation and a path toward belt ranking, basic blocks, punches and kicks are taught along with an introduction to sport martial art sparring.


Flying Dragons

Age: 10-18 Mon –Wed: 7:00-7:45p


At this age group proper social behavior and martial art code of conduct is reinforced in order to instill in each student that it is their responsibility to be a respectful, humble, and a productive member of  our martial art school and society.

In this age grouping, classes consist of intermediate and advanced level drills to increase cardiovascular  health, muscle strength,  flexibility, agility and speed. To promote a higher level of mental concentration, Chinese Kung-Fu forms and advanced level Kenpo Karate Katas are taught.

An Introduction to our unique and highly praised self-defense curriculum is taught as a pathway toward belt ranking and to instill a strong sense of self confidence. 

Sport Martial Art sparring is taught and practiced at this level in order to prepare the students for a physical confrontation, and to provide any student with a desire to be a martial art athlete, with the skill set for competition.


Adult Novice

Mon:  7:45-8:45p


In this class students are taught the origins, traditions and code of ethics of the Chuan Fa Kajukenbo method. Exercises consist of a warm-up and a stretch routine to promote cardiovascular health, agility, balance, speed and decrease possibility of injury. 

To the novice the foundation of the martial art is taught and practiced. This consists of stance training, blocking, kicking and punching technique, combat movement, combat strategy and confrontation awareness.

As a way to strengthen mental concentration, Chinese Kung Fu forms and Kenpo Karate katas are taught and practiced. 

Throughout the knowledge and ability attained at this level, a student will receive their first rank belt ranking.


Adult Int./ Advance

Wed: 7:45-8:45p




At this level advanced training drills are taught and practiced to make multiple aspects of the martial arts instinctive. Classes consist  of a warm-up and stretch routine in preparation for practicing drills at a realistic level as well as decrease the chance of injury. 

Self Defense is practiced with a mindset for reality. The tactics consist of; punches, kicks and grab counters. Also the use and defense of weapons are part of this level of training. 

Sport martial art sparring is taught and taken with a great amount of seriousness. Preparing each student for a physical confrontation and also an avenue for students with a desire to compete as a sport martial artist with a skill set to compete at the black belt level


Black Belt Spar

Fri: 6-7p


The sparring session is available to students with a high skill set with a desire to compete as a sports martial arts athlete, to compete at the black belt level at the regional, national and international sports karate tournaments. This class is reserved for students that have explicit permission from the master instructor to attend. 


Open Class

All ages and ranks welcome                   Fri: 7-8p


This is a family oriented class with a main focus on various belt level curriculum with a goal of preparing students for an up and coming belt testing and rank promotion. This class is structured to give each individual student specific instruction for their individual martial  arts need in a relaxed and fun setting. 


To purchase appropriate uniforms and gear for your classes; please refer to the > SIZING CHART < here and fill out the > ORDER FORM < and bring it to the school with your payment.