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Thumbtack Testimonial

By far the best. Sifu Cropper and his staff make sure that each student is up to speed. I have known him for thirty years. we would not want to take our beloved daughters anywhere else for instruction.
— Tim M.
Our family has driven 20 miles, twice a week, over eight years, to study and practice Kajukenbo karate under the kind and compassionate guidance of Sifu Rick Cropper. He’s one of the few seventh degree black belts in this precise martial art. Cropper takes this art seriously, trains his students hard, and teaches them this life skill in an uncompromising fashion with emphasis on sparring, forms and general mental and physical fitness. We’ve encouraged friends and family to study under him as well. If searching for a martial arts academy, look no further.
— Willam F.
My sister and I have been training with Sifu Rick Cropper for the past 9 years and continue to be students of his. He’s the best teacher out there and really knows his stuff. He works with his students individually to help them succeed in the Art. He pushes his students and truly cares about them as if they were his own family. He’s extremely respectful and loves to have fun. He goes above and beyond for his students and helps them every little step of the way. He makes sure that everyone stays safe and in a good mood all throughout class. No one is ever left behind. The whole school works though material together and everyone helps each other. He goes into great detail and depth to help the students better understand the curriculum as well as get more involved and more excited about it. If you’re looking to find a place to train at, now you’ve found it. Although now it’s called Rick Cropper Martial Art Center and located at 8040 ste B SE Stark St. Portland OR
— Nicole T.
My 7-1/2 year old son has been here since he was 6 years old twice a week for an hour every week. The level of dedication and attention is nothing short of amazing. Small classes and one on one time being a smaller school is a plus. Rick is very easy going but strict, which is what I wanted for my son. Teaching my son respect and self confidence seems to be top goals at the school.

I would highly recommend without a a doubt for any parent who is looking for an activity for their kid that pays back so much.
— Teera K.
I have been a student at the Stark Street Academy of Kung Fu for the past 14 years and I am now training to be a student teacher. Sifu Cropper has a deep understanding and appreciation for the art that he teaches and passes onto his students. Sifu Cropper is a strict but compassionate teacher that fosters the talents of each individual student so that they may grow and better themselves in a safe environment. Without a doubt, I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to have a rich and fulfilling martial arts experience in an environment where they are accepted as part of a large martial arts family. The new name of the business is the Rick Cropper Martial Arts Center located at 8040 SE Stark Street Suite B Portland Oregon.
— Enrika C.


Professor Rick Cropper             8th Degree Black Belt

Internationally recognized holder of a 8th degree black belt in the Chuan-Fa branch of Kajukenbo self-defense system. Master Rick Cropper is one of the most widely respected, and highly sought after Black Belt instructors in the Pacific Northwest. Having Over 40 years of martial art experience and having taught thousands of martial art students, Master Cropper's teaching style and methods are highly praised. Master Cropper's accolades are many, including training multiple Black Belt World Champions, ranked in the top 21 sports karate school in the world, promoter of the Mighty River Classic Martial Art Tournament, and promoting many students to black belts, including master rank. 

Brief List of Accolades

  • Chinese Kung-Fu Master

  • Hawaiian Kenpo Karate Master

  • Festival of Kings: Black Belt Fighting Grand Champion. Maui, Hawaii

  • Battle of the Champions: 2x 1st place Black Belt Fighting Champion. El Paso, Texas

  • New York State Championship: 1st place Black Belt Kata Champion. Long Island, New York

  • Tiger Balm Internationals: 1st place Black Belt fighting champion. Vancouver BC, Canad


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